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Erica’s top 5 tips for exercising with chronic pain

Do you still experience pain even though your injury has long healed? Or there was no specific cause of the injury on the first place? And you would like to be more physically active & healthy? Yes? Then this blog is for YOU!

This is referred to as chronic pain. There is a whopping 1 in 5 Australians who are currently experiencing chronic pain that effects their daily life. It is a passion of ours to raise awareness of the benefits of exercise and nutrition in it’s management. With chronic pain it is no longer about a healing process and ‘damage’ to any tissues in the body, it is about the increased attention that has developed in the area, reduced physical activity and therefore less tolerance to exercise, changes to the nervous system which can give us ‘incorrect’ messages leading to feelings of anxiety, stress and depression, and are more likely to develop a chronic disease from poor health.

So when it comes to getting out of the vicious cycle that is chronic pain and to begin physical activity again, where should you start?

  1. Try exercises you look forward to and enjoy. Planning activities with friends can also be a great way to get started and make it fun. There are so many options, like dancing, tai chi, yoga, weights, home programs, swimming, exercise in hydrotherapy pools & pilates. 
  2. Avoid doing more on ‘good’ days and less on ‘bad’ days, consistency is key.
  3. Remember some discomfort with exercise is normal and this is ok. We all experience changes in the tissues from physical activity and this is a very good thing for us. These changes, which can be uncomfortable, are what help us become stronger. However, if something does not feel right, listen to your body and consult your Exercise Physiologist or GP.
  4. Aim to complete a mixture of resistance, flexibility and cardiovascular exercise. All forms of movement are important for different reasons. Remember the stronger you are, the easier every task you do becomes and therefore less tiring!
  5. Speak with an Exercise Physiologist to learn more about your specific situation and the ideal type and amount of exercise to begin with. Exercise Physiologists (EPs) are the experts in exercise prescription, especially when injuries or conditions are involved. EPs complete a minimum of 4 years at university to gain their qualifications.

If you would like any more information about how to take control of your health and start an exercise regime today, then give us a call on 0417 030 608 to book in. We look forward to assisting you with your goals!

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