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The winter cold and flu season has hit everyone hard this year. Those nasty viruses turn our lives and schedules upside down. Mums, Dads, workers, carers and kids; we can be struck down overnight and laid up in bed for days. We all have such busy lives, running from school drop off to work to meetings to sporting activities that we quickly become run down. Suddenly, we to feel that ominous tickle in the back of the throat. Your body is telling you, “Watch out! Here comes your cold – it’s time to rest.”

Did you know that around 80% of Australian adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their life? No? Let’s think about this. Why do you or at least one person you know right now currently have back pain? There must be something we have in common. Could it possibly be the lifestyle we lead? The jobs we have? The habits we have created? The weight gain? Or is it our lack of activity? Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists at The Movement Therapy Group can teach you how to avoid the likely cause of your back pain and how to strengthen your back muscles to reduce your pain.

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Our passionate team includes a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Holistic Nutritionist and Massage Therapist. We love what we do and helping our clients get back to what they love. Call us on 0437 953 377 or 03 9010 5615 to book an appointment.